Blogs to look into

Most blogs I am interested in are about peoples life’s . I like to see if I can relate to other peoples life.

Tangie T. Woods is the first blogger I want to introduce everyone to, she is a christian blogger. She is a really amazing person and I love reading her blogs she turns everything negative into a positive! She always starts her blog posts with a verse that relates to what she will be talking about. She talks about how God helps you work through your battles, how he can work in many ways and how god is always there for you. I love reading her blogs because I am able to relate to them I have a connection with god he allows me to put all my stress and worries on him especially through these hards times this year. If you have a good connection with good and want to read positive things I suggest you follow her blog page. https://www.tangietwoods

Stuart Danker is the second blogger I want to introduce everyone to, he is an advice blogger. I find his blogs really interesting to read because he really states a lot of facts and learning about his life is really cool because he list each decade of his life. He gives you advice about how to blog, how to be grateful, how to be responsible, how to value more things in life and how to thinking before writing. My favorite thing about his blog page is that he wrote about each decade in his life I loved reading about what he has gone through to get to where he is today I like to read about peoples life so I can see if I relate to them. If you want some good advice I suggest you follow his blog page.

Remya Vivek is the third blogger I want to introduce everyone to, she is a motivational and inspirational blogger. Her blogs/quotes are my favorite to read because she is really positive and I think we all need some positivity in our life. She also is very motivational which is what I like most about her blog, it is so hard for me to find motivation so reading her blogs really help me have motivation because I know in the end when I do what I have to do I will feel really good. Keeping a positive mindset will help you to be motivated and will help you to be a better person! If you need motivation in your life I suggest you follow her blog page.

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